Home made pesto!

Finally some bounty from my garden in the form of lovely fresh basil which is doing really well! The boys love pesto so we decided to make some with the basil.This is after I harvested what I needed to make the pesto:

I used Jamie Oliver’s recipe as I’ve yet to not like any of his recipes I’ve tried. I didn’t have any pinenuts so used cashews instead. When our walnut trees unload the tonnes of nuts on them I’ll be trying another recipe I spotted using walnuts so it will be even more home grown!

The parmesan was pre-grated (although fresh not dried) but next time I’ll make sure to have a block as I think it will be even nicer:

I’ve never made pesto before and the smell was amazing!

So of course for lunch it had to be spaghetti!

The flavour was just incredible, I’m so pleased I made it and will be doing so whenever I have enough basil. Louis and I planted about 10 more this evening I’m hoping it isn’t too late in the year to get good crops from them too. I’ll let you know how I go with the walnut recipe when I get a chance to try that.