Caravan Renovation – fabrics for Clara-van!

After a trip to the fabric store to help concrete (or should I say sew up!) my ideas for the decor in Clara-van and hours and thousands of fabric searches on line I think I’ve decided what I’m doing. Right from the start and further decided by lots of inspiration on Pinterest and various blogs I want to do a retro / scandi sort of look with plain seat covers and bright, fun, light, bright curtains and cushions. Here is my current decision, but not promising this won’t change if I manage to find fabric I like more!

For the curtains:


Cover for the seats / mattresses:


Accent fabric for cushions:



One thought on “Caravan Renovation – fabrics for Clara-van!

  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! LOVE your new addition to the family and her new look that is coming! Happy sewing! xxxxx

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