Accessories for Clara-van!

I’ve found a fantastic shop which I’d never been to before – Action, I think it is Dutch but they do the most amazing homewares for next to nothing so I’ve managed to pick up some lovely things all ready to go into Clara-van. Hubby thinks I’m mad when she isn’t done yet but I know if I don’t pick things up when I see them then when I’m ready there won’t be anything I like!

Bamboo fibre crockery (much nicer than the melamine I was thinking I was going to get), wineglasses (le plastic of course!) and a salad bowl and servers:


A stove top coffee maker:


And some fab very light weight, very retro looking storage canisters!:


One thought on “Accessories for Clara-van!

  1. OMG!!! Gorgeous Tory! I bags being her first foreign guest!!! 😉 And yes, you TOTALLY need to get things when you see them xxxx

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