I thought I should describe the images that I’ve used in the header for those that wonder about such things!

A gorgeous view from Gaja la Selve main square looking towards the Pyrenees in May 2008 – this is what greeted me at the top of the hill each morning walking Josh to school and boy did I miss it when we left! You can just see in the distance that the snow has not yet melted from the very top of the mountains.

We have some lovely Swiss friends that have an organic farm in a village nearby to where we lived – this is Karin’s gorgeous veggie garden, taken in June 2008 just before we left.

The garden was built in a spiral which ended in a tiny square centre with just enough room for a little table and chairs to have a lemonade on a hot summers day (she apologised as we went around as she hadn’t yet set it up for the summer – like it wasn’t gorgeous anyway!)! I am truly inspired by what she has done and intend to learn from her wonderful ideas when I embark on my own garden.

I love lavender – just thought I’d put that out there 😉 !

Organic gardening leads to a delight of bees and ladybirds!

An impressive storm coming in – photo taken from my back terrace in Gaja la Selve – January 2008.

Early morning mist at sunrise from the back terrace at Gaja – June 2008.

I’ll be adding more as I find them so if you spot a new header banner just pop onto this page to find out when and where it was taken :).


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