17 months already!

Last week Rémy was 17 months old, I’m still blown away how fast it is going and while he is still a baby in so many ways I can see it rapidly coming to full blown toddlerhood! I try to do a mini photoshoot each month birthday so here are the pics I took this month of our little dude:


Just in case anyone one notices I do realise I was supposed to cut the chives before they went to flower but I wanted to see what they looked like as everyone said they are very pretty – and they are!

2 thoughts on “17 months already!

  1. Gorgeous!! You should always leave some to go to seed, you need them for next season gorgeous girl, part of the cycle of self sufficiency! Added bonus then is that you don’t need to remember when to plant as they will just come up! High five, can’t wait to play in your garden with you xxxx

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