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Things have been even more crazy than normal around here, finally finished all my placements and the paperwork for it so I am hoping I can actually have a week or two to relax (and perhaps even do some blogging 😉 ) before I get back into it in the lead up to final assignment, practical exam and theory exam. 2nd of November I should all be done!

Last weekend was the kids school fete. There are 1000 kids at the school and they had about 6 rides so that worked well – NOT! Josh was determined to go on the gladiator fight thing but of course as there is only 2 at a time for 5 minutes each he was lined up for the best part of 1.5 hours – I would have given up long before!

This is when we finally got to the end of the line and they were next and had to put the very attractive hats on!

Finally they were on and at it – for all of 5 minutes! He assures me that it was worth the ridiculous wait time and he got 10 points for tenacity! I only took a couple of pics as I did a video which then didn’t work – very disappointed about that but at least I got the pics!

While we were hanging around waiting for Josh Louis went on a big blow up wave (what on earth will they think of next!) – we only had about a 15 minute wait for that – much more reasonable (although I would have been furious if I’d actually bought the ‘unlimited ride’ tickets at $23 a pop).

And just because he is a bit cute!

We bought a lovely home-made cake and a few bits for father’s day (which was last Sunday here in Oz) but missed out on food as we were in the line so long! The kids had fun so that was the main thing!

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