Looking back to May 2011 – brotherly visit from the UK!

We were so excited to have brother James and lovely sister-in-law type person Naomi visit us from the UK back in May. Initial concerns, before their arrival, about not being able to understand a word that Naomi said in her lovely Welsh accent were largely unfounded – no doubt in part due to me now being an avid Torchwood watcher and therefore quite used to hearing Gwen since last meeting Naomi! The only slightly sticky moments were when she sped up after a few wines but that would have gone both ways no doubt!

We started their visit as soon as they got off the plane by taking them to the Boat Club here in Hervey Bay – we figured it was difficult to fall asleep if you were having a beer overlooking the sea, Fraser Island and the marina!

Boat Club Hervey Bay

Naomi and I were most excited to see someone with a fun cocktail and our sensible white wine spritzers suddenly looked a little boring – nothing that an umbrella wouldn’t fix 😉 !

Next day we headed to the beach to show them the difference between a Welsh and Queensland one:

Hervey Bay beach

Not sure if we had them convinced with that first beach so we organised a trip out to Fraser Island for later in the week!

2 thoughts on “Looking back to May 2011 – brotherly visit from the UK!

  1. absolutely gorgeous tory, so nice to see what you guys are up to day to day . afraid mine is just a collection of bad mobile phone pics of flo for the folks to see but you’ve inspired me .. 🙂 xx
    not getting the notifications by the way .. 🙁
    have a smashing evening! a x

    • Awww thank you 🙂

      Let us know if you want one of these – I’m sure J can have one set up within a few hours!

      I’ve just reset it for daily so hopefully it will send one out shortly and then I can reset it back to weekly – it was going to send Friday as I guess that is when I set it up the week before but as it is the weekend at the moment I have a chance to blog it means that I post then there is no notification for nearly a week! Let me know if you get it.

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