Happy Fête du Travail (Labour day) / May Day!

The first of May is a public holiday in France and is a workers celebration day or Labour day but is also the Fête du Muguet (Lily of the Valley) where you give your loved ones a little bouquet of muguet. Our lovely neighbour popped in this evening with some for us:

imag3979.jpgI hadn’t really thought too much about the day until then but we did work very hard labouring all day on our current project! I really must get my head around all the French holidays and traditions around them!

One thought on “Happy Fête du Travail (Labour day) / May Day!

  1. See…that is what I am loving about France, traditions about
    seasonal changes, man, they have it together! Australia use to celebrate May Day in my mum’s era…I love that in this modern world, in some countries at least, there is time to appreciate the small things… Xx

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